Thank you for your interest in contributing to Crest! :)

To propose changes/additions, please fork this repository and then open a pull request.

There are a few stylistic conventions followed in the code:

  • The Format Document command in vanilla VS2017 is used to apply code formatting after every code edit (shortcut Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D)

  • Simplicity is king, with modularity favoured when it does not hurt readability or workflows

  • Member variables follow lower camel case with a single underscore prefix: _exampleVariable

  • Single blank line between functions and between logically separate bits of code

  • Tweakable/serialised variables are private and tagged with SerializeField

  • Documentation comments preferred when useful for documentation, except when member variable is exposed to the Inspector GUI, in which case the comment is placed in Tooltip string so that it can aid users.

  • Comments placed on their own line above the relevant code

  • Public member variables typically ordered together before private ones in class definitions

  • No dead or commented code in the master branch, unless it is instructive to include it and not distracting for readers. Experimental or unfinished code belongs in development branches.

  • Commit messages contain a 50 char summary line (see git-style-guide for details on this)

The git-style-guide provides additional examples of good practices that Crest aligns with.