4. Release Notes



  • Added new CPU-based collision provider - Baked FFT Data.

  • Add CREST_OCEAN scripting defines symbol.

  • Add Depth Fog Density Factor to Underwater Renderer which can be used to decrease underwater fog intensity when underwater. Greatly improves shadows at shorelines.

  • Add UV feathering option to Flow shaders.

  • Add Attenuation in Shallows to Dynamic Waves Sims Settings.

  • Add Shallows Max Depth to Sim Settings Animated Waves as an alternative to having to extend terrain to 500m below sea level to avoid discontinuity issues.


  • Fix incorrect baked depth cache data that were baked since Crest 4.14.

  • Fix XR SPI underwater rendering for Unity 2021.2 standalone.

  • Fix Underwater Renderer not rendering on Intel iGPUs.

  • Fix clip surface inputs losing accuracy with large waves.

  • Fix waves at shorelines being incorrectly shadowed. #945

  • Fix shadow bleeding at shorelines by using the Sea Floor Depth data to reject invalid shadows. #947

  • Fix exceptions thrown for server/headless builds.

  • Fix exceptions thrown if foam, dynamic waves and shadows all were disabled.

  • Fix Floating Origin for Shape Gerstner and Shape FFT.

  • Fix motion vectors not working by exposing motion vector toggle on ocean material. HDRP


  • Reduce cost of populating the ocean depth cache. HDRP



  • Add Dynamic Waves reflections from Ocean Depth Cache geometry.

  • Add inverted option to Clip Surface signed-distance primitives and convex hulls which removes clipping.

  • Add Override Material field to the Water Body component to enable varying water material across water bodies.

  • Sphere Water Interaction component simplified - no mesh renderer/shader setup required, and no ‘register’ component required.

  • Sphere Water Interaction produces more consistent results at different radii/scales.

  • Improve FFT wave quality by doubling the sampling from two to four.

  • RegisterHeightInput can be used in conjunction with our Spline component to offset the water level. This can be used to create water bodies at different altitudes, and to create rivers that flow between them.

  • All water features updated to support varying water level.

  • Add buttons to Spline inspector to quickly enable water features.

  • Exposed control over Spline ribbon alignment - spline points now define the center of the ribbon by default.

  • Caustics no longer render in shadows casted from objects underwater.

  • Added motion vectors (for TAA, DLSS and many screen-space effects). HDRP

  • Added shadow distance fade to shadow data. URP

  • Improve URP shadow settings validation. URP


  • Fix lines in foam data producing noticeable repeating patterns when using FFT waves.

  • Fix caustics jittering when far from zero and underwater in XR.

  • Fix disabled simulations’ data being at maximum when “Texture Quality” is not “Full Res”. In one case this manifested as the entire ocean being shadowed in builds.

  • Fix high CPU memory usage from underwater effect shader in builds.

  • Fix FFT spectrum not being editable when time is paused.

  • Fix ShapeFFT component producing inverted looking waves when enabled in editor play mode.

  • Fix SSS colour missing or popping in the distance.

  • Fix underwater artefacts (bright specks).

  • Fix shadows for MacOS. BIRP

  • Fix shadows for Shadow Projection > Close Fit. BIRP

  • Fix shadows for deferred rendering path. BIRP

  • Fix Crest/Framework shader compiler errors for 2021.2. URP

  • Fix “xrRendering” build error. URP

  • Fix Default Clipping State > Everything Clipped not clipping extents. HDRP

  • Fix Ocean shader compilation errors for HDRP 10.7. HDRP


  • Remove Texels Per Wave parameter from Ocean Renderer and hard-code to Nyquist limit as it is required for FFTs to work well.

  • Removed Create Water Body wizard window. The water body setup has been simplified and works without this additional tooling.

  • Smoothing feature removed from Spline, underlying code made more robust.

  • Remove Assign Layer component.


  • Only calculate inverse view projection matrix when required.

  • Reduce shader variants by removing GPU instancing (not supported currently).

  • Reduce shadow simulation GPU performance cost by almost 50%. BIRP HDRP

  • Improve Underwater Renderer GPU memory usage. BIRP URP

  • Reduce ocean shader GPU performance cost for shadows. HDRP


  • Made ObjectWaterInteraction component obsolete, this is replaced by the more simple and robust SphereWaterInteraction. Removed usages of this component from the example scenes.

  • Made ShapeGerstner and ShapeGerstnerBatched components obsolete as they are replaced by the ShapeFFT component. Example scenes moved over to ShapeFFT.



  • Add signed-distance primitives for more accurate clipping and overlapping. See Clip Surface for more information.

  • Add Render Texture Graphics Format option to Clip Surface Sim Settings to support even more accurate clipping for signed-distance primitives.

  • Add Render Texture Graphics Format option to Animated Waves Sim Settings to solve precision issues when using height inputs.

  • Always report displacement in Register Height Input to solve culling issues.

  • Add default textures to ocean shader.

  • Update ocean shader default values.

  • Improve foam detail at medium to long distance.

  • Add Scale By Factor shader for all inputs which is particularly useful when used with Animated Waves for reducing waves.

  • Add a simpler custom material inspector. HDRP

  • Add XR SPI support to Underwater Renderer. URP


  • Fix ocean not rendering on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

  • Fix height input (and others) from not working 100m above sea level and 500m below sea level.

  • Fix FFT shader build errors for Game Core platforms.

  • Fix FFT material allocations every frame.

  • Fix flow simulation sometimes not clearing after disabling last input.

  • Fix outline around objects when MSAA is enabled by making it less noticeable.

  • Fix pixelated looking foam bubbles at medium to long distance.

  • Fix underwater effect undershooting or overshooting ocean surface when XR camera is nearly aligned with horizon.

  • Fix underwater effect being flipped at certain camera orientations.

  • Fix meniscus thickness consistency (in some cases disappearing) with different camera orientations.

  • Fix inputs (eg keyboard) working when game view is not focused.

  • Fix Ocean Depth Cache disabling itself in edit mode when no ocean is present.

  • Fix ocean disappearing when viewed from an area clipped by a clip surface input. HDRP

  • Fix shadows breaking builds when XR package is present. HDRP

  • Fix shadows not working with XR SPI. HDRP

  • Fix 2021.2.0b9 shader compile errors. HDRP

  • Fix ocean material properties missing for 2021.2 material inspector. HDRP

  • Fix outline around refracted objects by making it less noticeable. HDRP

  • Fix Underwater Renderer caustics jittering for some XR devices. BIRP URP

  • Fix shadow artefacts when no shadow casters are within view. URP

  • Remove sample shadow scriptable render feature error. URP



  • Set minimum Unity version to 2020.3.10.

  • Set minimum render pipeline package version to 10.5. HDRP URP

  • Underwater Post-Processing is disabled by default which means it will be inactive if the Underwater Volume Override is not present in the scene. HDRP

  • Remove Sample Shadows Render Feature as it is now scripted. Unity will raise a missing Render Feature reference error. Remove the missing Render Feature to resolve. URP


  • Add new Underwater Renderer component which executes a fullscreen pass between transparent and post-processing pass. Please see Underwater for more information.

  • FFT generator count added to debug GUI.

  • ShapeFFT component allows smooth changing of wind direction everywhere in world.

  • Default Wind Speed setting on OceanRenderer component to 10m/s.

  • CustomTimeProvider override time/delta time functions are now defaulted to opt-in instead of opt-out.

  • Improve meniscus rendering by also rendering below ocean surface line. HDRP


  • Fix case where normal could be NaN, which could make screen flash black in HDRP.

  • Fix ShapeFFT Spectrum Fixed At Runtime option not working.

  • Fix shader compile errors on Windows 7.

  • Fix ocean depth cache shader compile error.

  • Fix ocean not rendering on Unity Cloud Build (unconfirmed).

  • Fix ShapeGerstner and ShapeFFT having no default spectrum in builds.

  • Fix “missing custom editor” error for Whirlpool component.

  • Fix ocean breaking after leaving a prefab scene.

  • Fix underwater breaking for XR SPI. HDRP

  • Fix underwater artefacts for XR MP. HDRP

  • Fix meniscus rendering incorrectly when camera is rotated. HDRP


  • FFT wave generation factored out so that multiple ShapeFFT components sharing the same settings will only run one FFT.

  • Underwater ocean mask now deactivates when the underwater effect is not active. HDRP


  • The Underwater Effect component (including UnderWaterCurtainGeom.prefab and UnderWaterMeniscus.prefab) has been superseded by the Underwater Renderer. Please see Underwater for more information. BIRP URP

  • The Underwater Post-Process effect has been superseded by the Underwater Renderer. Please see Underwater for more information. HDRP



This will be the last version which supports Unity 2019 LTS.

Spectrum data will be upgraded in this version. Due to a unity bug, in some rare cases upgrading the spectrum may fail and waves will be too large. Restart Unity to restore the spectrum.


  • FFT wave simulation added via new ShapeFFT component.


  • Sponsorship page launched! Asset Store sales only cover fixes and basic support. To support new feature development and give us financial stability please consider sponsoring us, no amount is too small! https://github.com/sponsors/wave-harmonic

  • Wind speed added to OceanRenderer component so that wave conditions change naturally for different wind conditions.

  • Empirical spectra retweaked and use the aforementioned wind speed.

  • Add Overall Normals Scale parameter to material that scales final surface normal (includes both normal map and wave simulation normal).

  • Headless support - add support for running without display, with new toggle on OceanRenderer to emulate it in Editor.

  • No GPU support - add support for running without GPU, with new toggle on OceanRenderer to emulate it in Editor.

  • OceanRenderer usability - system automatically rebuilds when changing settings on the component, ‘Rebuild’ button removed.

  • Ocean material can now be set with scripting.

  • Custom Time Provider has pause toggle, for easy pausing functionality.

  • Network Time Provider added to easily sync water simulation to server time.

  • Cutscene Time Provider added to drive water simulation time from Timelines.

  • Made many fields scriptable (public) on BoatProbes, BoatAlignNormal and SimpleFloatingObject.

  • Tweaked colours and some of properties for Ocean-Underwater material. BIRP URP

  • Copy Ocean Material Params Each Frame is now enabled by default for Underwater Post Process. HDRP

  • Add Refractive Index of Water property to ocean material. HDRP


  • Fix build errors for platforms that do not support XR/VR.

  • Fix “black square” bug on Oculus Quest.

  • Fix for bugs where a large boat may stop moving when camera is close.

  • Fix bad data being sampled from simulations when they’re not enabled like the entire ocean being shadowed when shadow data was disabled.

  • Fix null exception for attach renderer help box fix button.

  • Fix “remove renderer” help box not showing when it should.

  • Fix bug where wind direction could not be set per ShapeGerstner component.

  • Fix compilation errors when only Unity’s new Input System backend is available.

  • Fix null exceptions in validation when OceanRenderer is not present.

  • Fix incorrect validation showing in prefab mode.

  • Fix shadow data for XR/VR SPI from working and breaking builds. HDRP

  • Fix underwater effect from breaking after all cameras being disabled. HDRP

  • Fix ocean tiles disappearing when far from zero. URP


  • Remove Phillips and JONSWAP spectrum model options.


  • Layer Name on the Ocean Renderer has been deprecated. Use Layer instead.

  • The Refractive Index of Air on the ocean material will be removed in a future version. BIRP URP




  • Set minimum Unity version to 2019.4.24.

  • Spline can now be used with any ocean input type, so can be used to set water level, add flow, and more.

  • System for tweaking data on spline points such as flow speed.

  • RegisterHeightInput component added for a clearer way to change water height (can be used instead of RegisterAnimWavesInput).

  • More validation help boxes added to catch a wider range of setup issues.

  • Fix buttons in help boxes now describe action that will be taken.

  • Rename Add Water Height From Geometry to Set Base Water Height Using Geometry.

  • Rename Set Water Height To Geometry to Set Water Height Using Geometry.

  • Improved spline gizmo line drawing to highlight selected spline point.

  • Add version and render pipeline to help button documentation links.

  • Validate scene view effects toggle options.

  • Add various fix buttons for depth cache issues.

  • Set minimum render pipeline package version to 7.6 which is correct for 2019.4. HDRP URP

  • Rearrange some material properties. HDRP


  • Fix water body creation not being part of undo/redo history.

  • Fix spline point delete not being part of undo/redo history.

  • Fix validation fix buttons that attach components not being part of undo/redo history.

  • Fix ShapeGerstnerBatched not having default spectrum when using “Reset” and correct undo/redo history.

  • Fix properties with embedded asset editors appearing broken for Unity 2020 and 2021.

  • Fix shader compilation errors for HDRP 10.4. HDRP

  • Remove duplicate foam bubble properties. HDRP

  • New horizon line bug fix which is enabled by default (with option to switch back to old safety margin). HDRP


  • Add Detecting Above or Below Water and have Q&A question refer to it.

  • Add Known Issues page.

  • Document Caustics Distortion Texture. HDRP

  • Fixed Underwater Setup not being complete. HDRP

  • Fix broken Unity documentation links by correctly setting minimum render pipeline version. HDRP URP



  • Dynamic Waves and Foam simulations now run at configurable fixed timesteps for consistency across different frame rates. Tweaking of settings may be required. See #778 for more details.

  • Change Layer Names (string array) to Layers (LayerMask) on Ocean Depth Cache.



  • Add online documentation.

  • Set up help button linking to new documentation for multiple components, and added material help button.

  • Add inline editing for sim settings, wave spectrums and ocean material.

  • Add Crest icons to sim settings and wave spectrums.

  • Add button to fix issues on some validation help boxes.

  • Add validation to inform whether the depth cache is outdated.

  • Add validation for ocean depth cache with non uniform scale.

  • Add scriptable custom time provider property which accepts interfaces.

  • Validate simulation checkboxes and their respective material checkboxes and inputs.

  • Add “Crest” prefix to component menu items.

  • Organise “Crest” component menu items into subfolders.


  • Fix more cases of fine gaps.

  • Fix depth cache not reflecting updated properties when populating cache.

  • Fix RayTraceHelper not working.

  • Fix ShapeGerstner component breaking builds.

  • Fix PS4/PSSL shader errors.

  • Fix local waves flickering in some cases.

  • Fix VFACE breaking shaders on consoles.

  • Fix underwater normals incorrect orientation. HDRP

  • Fix shader errors for latest consoles. HDRP

  • Fix gray ocean by forcing depth and opaque texture when needed in the editor. URP

  • Only feather foam at shoreline if transparency is enabled. URP


  • Assign Layer component is no longer used in examples and will be removed.



  • Add new Gerstner component ShapeGerstner with better performance, improved foam at a distance, correct wave direction and spline support (preview). See notes in the Wave conditions section of the user guide.

  • Add new spline tool component Spline which can be wave splines for new gerstner system (preview). See notes in the Wave conditions section of the user guide.


  • Change minimum Unity version to 2019.4.9

  • Add orthographic projection support to ocean surface

  • Add weight control for Underwater Environmental Lighting component

  • Calculate sub-surface light scattering from surface pinch, to enable other fixes/improvements. May require retweaking of the scattering settings on the ocean material.

  • Improve error reporting when compute shaders fail

  • Change shader level target for combine shader to 3.5 which might fix some issues on Quest


  • Fix dynamic wave sim stablity by reducing Courant number default value

  • Remove warning when camera not set which was displaying even when it shouldn’t

  • Change ocean depth cache populate event option to Start

  • Fix for multiple gaps/cracks in ocean surface bugs

  • Fix Follow Horizontal Motion for foam override

  • Fix normals not being flipped for underwater with flow enabled

  • Fix meniscus shader not being enabled HDRP

  • Fix ocean depth cache triggered by other cameras or probes URP

  • Fix underwater effect flickering when other cameras are in the scene URP


  • Add option on AnimWaveSimSetting to disable ping pong for combine pass. See notes in performance section of user guide.



  • Add foam override shader and material to remove foam

  • Add camera property to OceanRenderer. ViewerHeightAboveWater will use camera transform

  • Add option to add downhill force to buoyancy for some floating objects

  • Disable underwater culling if underwater effect is not used HDRP

  • Underwater effect uses stencil buffer instead of depth buffer again HDRP


  • Improve platform support by improving texture compatibility checks

  • Fix Unity 2020.2 / RP 10 support

  • Fix shadows not following scene view camera

  • Fix Follow Horizontal Motion not working

  • Fix Strength on Crest/Inputs/Foam/Add From Texture being ignored

  • Query system - fixed ring buffer exhausted error on some Linux and Android platforms

  • Fix shadow data breaking gizmos and GUI HDRP

  • Fix underwater copy ocean material parameters option not working correctly when unchecked HDRP

  • Fix underwater anti-aliasing artefacts around objects (HDRP 10+ required. See underwater documentation) HDRP


  • Minor underwater performance improvement

  • Improve underwater XR multi-pass support (still not 100%) HDRP

  • Improve underwater XR single pass instance performance HDRP

  • Improve underwater performance when using dynamic scaling HDRP



  • Change minimum Unity version to 2019.4.8

  • Improve foam texture

  • Add height component that uses UnityEvents (under examples)

  • Add shadow LOD data inputs

  • Add support for disable scene reloading

  • Add more dynamic waves debug reporting options

  • Disable horizontal motion correction on animated waves inputs by default

  • Make some shader parameters globally available

  • Add reflections to ocean surface underside from water volume HDRP


  • Fix precision artefacts in waves for mobile devices when far away from world centre

  • Fix spectrum editor not working in play mode with time freeze

  • Fix build error

  • Fix UnderwaterEnvironmentalLighting component restoring un-initialised values

  • Fix precision issues causing very fine gaps in ocean surface

  • Fix some memory leaks in edit mode

  • Fix mesh for underwater effects casting shadow in some projects URP

  • Fix caustics moving, rotating or warping with camera for URP 7.4+ URP

  • Fix caustics breaking for VR/XR SPI URP

  • Fix underwater material from breaking on project load or recompile URP

  • Fix underwater surface colour being added to transparent parts of ocean surface when underwater HDRP

  • Fix sample height warning for XR multi-pass HDRP

  • Fix underwater caustics not working in build due to stripping HDRP

  • Fix shadows breaking VR/XR single pass instanced HDRP

  • Fix deprecated XR API call warning HDRP

  • Fix underwater breaking camera when ocean is disabled during run-time HDRP

  • Fix ocean falloff parameters allowing bad values HDRP


  • Improve performance by reducing work done on scripted shader parameters every frame



  • Add option to ocean input to allow it to move with ocean surface horizontally (was always on in last version)

  • Allow save depth cache to file in edit mode

  • Remove ocean depth cache updating every frame in edit mode

  • Improve feedback in builds when spectrum is invalid

  • Improve spectrum inspector

  • Validate OceanRenderer transform component

  • Validate enter play mode settings

  • Add soft/volume shadows support HDRP

  • Add light/shadow layer support HDRP

  • Remove caustics strength scaling by sun light and sea depth HDRP

  • Add option to clip ocean surface under terrain URP

  • Use local shader keywords URP


  • Fix undo/redo for spectrum inspector

  • Fix dynamic waves crashing when flow or depth sim not enabled

  • Fix culling issues with turbulent waves

  • Fix precision issues causing gaps in ocean surface

  • Fix shadow sampling not following camera after changing viewpoint

  • Fix shadow sampling not following scene camera

  • Fix caustics and shadows not being correctly aligned

  • Fix material being allocated every frame in edit mode

  • Fix underwater effect for MSAA HDRP

  • Fix many cases where gaps would appear with underwater effect HDRP

  • Fix underwater effect rendering at top of viewport in certain cases HDRP

  • Fix shader errors for HDRP 8.2 HDRP

  • Fix underwater effects for URP 7.4+ URP



  • Gerstner waves from geometry shader - allow wave scaling using vertex colour

  • Usability: disable inactive fields on ocean components in Inspector

  • Validation: improve lighting settings validation

  • XR: add single pass instanced support to underwater effects HDRP

  • XR: add Single Pass Instanced support URP


  • Fix for buffer overrun in height query system which caused crashes on Metal

  • Fix for height query system breaking down at high frame rates when queries made from FixedUpdate

  • Fix height queries when Scene Reload is disabled

  • Fix various null reference exceptions in edit mode

  • Fix for small wavelengths that could never be disabled

  • Fix popping caused by shallow subsurface scattering colour

  • Fix some null exceptions if OceanRenderer is not enabled in scene

  • Fix mode (Global/Geometry) not applying in edit mode for ShapeGerstnerBatched component

  • Clean up validation logging to console when a component is added in edit mode

  • Fix global keywords not being local in underwater shader HDRP

  • Fix ocean material keywords not applying to underwater HDRP

  • Fix underwater breaking when dynamic scaling is used HDRP

  • Fix caustics occasionally appearing on underside of surface HDRP

  • Fix caustics briefly being too intense when switching cameras with adaptive exposure HDRP

  • Fix indirect lighting controller multipliers not being applied HDRP

  • Fix primary light intensity not reducing when primary light goes below the horizon HDRP

  • Fix null exceptions when primary light is unset HDRP

  • Fix underwater shader/material breaking on project load URP

  • Fix shadow sampling running on cameras which isn’t the main camera URP


  • Fix for ocean depth cache populating every frame erroneously



Crest LWRP deprecated. We are no longer able to support LWRP, and have removed the LWRP version of Crest in this release. Do not install this version if you need to remain on LWRP.


  • Ocean now runs in edit mode

  • Realtime validation in the form of inspector help boxes

  • Add Submarine example scene created by the Digital Wizards team (Aldana Zanetta and Fernando Zanetta). HDRP

  • Make compatible with dynamic batching URP

  • Add option to disable occlusion culling in planar reflections to fix flickering (disabled by default) URP


  • Fix Segment registrar scratch exhausted error that could appear in editor

  • Fix underwater effect rendering when using baked occlusion culling HDRP

  • Fix gaps appearing in underwater effect for very turbulent water HDRP

  • Fix underwater raising exception when switching cameras HDRP

  • Fix caustics rendering short of ocean surface when underwater HDRP



  • Scale caustics intensity by lighting, depth fog density and depth.

  • Show proxy plane in edit mode to visualise sea level.

  • Validate ocean input shader, warn if wrong input type used.

  • Warn if SampleHeightHelper reused multiple times in a frame.

  • Clamp reflection ray to horizon to avoid picking up below-horizon colours. HDRP

  • Use sampler settings for normal map textures to allow changing filtering settings. Turned on anisotropic sampling to reduce blurring. HDRP


  • Fix leaked height query GUIDs which could generate ‘too many GUIDs’ error after some time.

  • Fix for cracks that could appear between ocean tiles.

  • Fix for null ref exception in SRP version verification.

  • Metal - fix shader error messages in some circumstances.

  • Fix for erroneous water motion if Flow option enabled on material but no Flow simulation present.

  • Fix sea floor depth being in incorrect state when disabled.

  • Fix for a few cases where a crack or line is visible at the horizon. HDRP

  • Fix for caustics showing above surface. HDRP

  • Fix foam normals which were not working. HDRP

  • Fix caustics stereo rendering for single-pass VR URP



  • Clip surface shader - add convex hull support

  • Add support for local patch of Gerstner waves, demonstrated by GameObject GerstnerPatch in boat.unity

  • Darkening of the environment lighting underwater due to out-scattering is now done with scripting. See the UnderwaterEnvironmentalLighting component on the camera in main.unity.

  • Remove object-water interaction weight parameter on script. Use strength on material instead.

  • Automatically pick the sun light if no Primary Light is specified. HDRP

  • Bump version to 4.1 to match versioning with Crest HDRP. URP


  • Fix garbage allocations.

  • Fix PS4 compile errors.

  • Multiple fixes to height query code that could produce ‘flat water’ issues or use incorrect wave data.

  • Better retention of foam on water surface under camera motion.

  • Fix flow not affecting displaced waves. HDRP

  • Fix flow not working in Whirlpool example scene in standalone builds. HDRP

  • Fixed caustics effect when underwater and added distortion. HDRP

4.0 HDRP

  • First release!

3.8 URP


  • Refactor: Move example content into prefabs to allow sharing between multiple variants of Crest


  • Fix for missing shadergraph subgraph used in test/development shaders. This does not affect main functionality but fixes import errors.

3.7 URP


  • Clip surface shader - replaces the ocean depth mask which is now deprecated

  • Exposed maximum height query count in Animated Wave Settings

  • Support disabling Domain Reload in 2019.3 for fast iteration


  • Ocean depth mask - replaced by clip surface shader


  • Removed the deprecated GPU readback system for getting wave heights on CPU

3.6 URP


  • Third party notices added to meet license requirements. See thirdpartynotices.md in the package root.

3.5 URP


  • Gizmos - color coded wireframe rendering of geometry for ocean inputs

  • Object-water interaction: ‘adaptor’ component so that interaction can be used without a ‘boat’. See AnimatedObject object in boat.unity.

  • Object-water interaction: new script to generate dynamic waves from spheres, which can be composed together. See Spinner object in boat.unity.

  • Input shader for flowmap textures

  • Better validation of depth caches to catch issues

  • Documentation - link to new tutorial video about creating ocean inputs


  • VR refraction fix - ocean transparency now works in VR using Single Pass mode.

  • Fix visual pop bug at background/horizon when viewer gains altitude

  • Fix for compile errors for some ocean input shaders

3.4 URP


  • Ocean depth cache supports saving cache to texture on disk

  • Ray trace helper for ray queries against water

  • Input shader for flowmaps

  • Shader code misc refactors and cleanup


  • Fix for dynamic wave sim compute shader not compiling on iOS

3.3 URP


  • Fix for compute-based height queries which would return wrong results under some circumstances (visible when using Visualise Collision Area script)

  • VR: Fix case where sea floor depth cache was not populated

  • VR: Fix case where ocean planar reflections broken

3.2 URP


  • Add links to recently published videos to documentation

  • Asmdef files added to make Crest compilation self-contained

  • Documentation - strategy for configuring dynamic wave simulation

  • Documentation - dedicated, fleshed out section for shallow water and shoreline foam

  • Documentation - technical information about render/draw order


  • Fixes for wave shape and underwater curtain on Vulkan

  • Fix for user input to animated wave shape, add to shape now works correctly

  • Fix for underwater appearing off-colour in standalone builds

  • Fix garbage generated by planar reflections script

  • Fix for invalid sampling data error for height queries

  • Fix for underwater effect not working in secondary cameras

  • Fix waves not working on some GPUs and Quest VR - #279

  • Fix planar reflections not lining up with visuals for different aspect ratios

3.1 URP


  • Preview 1 of Crest URP - package uploaded for Unity 2019.3


  • Made more robust against VR screen depth bug, resolves odd shapes appearing on surface

  • #279